Thursday, January 27, 2011


so, we are starting friday night activity night for our students/friends/new people/church members... every friday night starting in february through may we have something planned at the bible school.

1st friday of every month: movie night
2nd friday of every month: american cooking school
3rd friday of every month: game night
4th friday of every month: book club

ryan and peter are in charge of the movie nights, debbie, ermenita, and i are in charge of the cooking school, angela is in charge of game night, and andrea and emily are in charge of the book club. eric and jessica are going to help out everywhere until they leave (they are moving to southern italy to work with a church there in the middle of february).

i found some cotton yarn at the market so in my free time, i'm going to crochet and knit some cotton kitchen washcloths to hopefully sell as a fundraiser for the bible school at the cooking schools. we will see how that goes.
i found this pattern here and i think i will try it, or i may just make up my own crochet pattern. i'll show you how they turn out.

be praying for our friday night activities that we will have huge turnouts and make meaningful relationships with the wonderful people here!