Sunday, February 26, 2012

from ryan: one sunday morning

in keeping with the theme that my wife has so delightfully initiated, i will respectfully include the name of the song i am currently listening to (and, no. it is simply coincidence that it is actually sunday and wilco's, "one sunday morning" is playing in my headphones).  

often, the readers of our blog are blessed and encouraged by the writings and thoughts of my lovely wife, laura.  She does an incredible job of expressing herself and of maintaining steady communication of the happenings in our lives here in italy.  She is quite frequently making movies, posting pictures, writing encouraging summaries of what we or i do, but no one really knows what laura is doing. So, today we are going to remedy this situation and i am going to spend a little time telling you about laura. what does laura do here? it is impossible to explain to you and i can not even begin to try. but, i can honestly say that i would be nothing here without her.  

laura does not know that i am posting this and she will despise it, but i do not care.  she is one of the hardest workers that i know.  she never misses an appointment.  she is organized.  she is diligent.  she is tireless in her work for others.  she is always the first to volunteer when something needs to be done.  she is selfless.  she is honest.  she is loving.  she is ocd.  she is creative.  she is well spoken.  she is a servant.  she is a student and a teacher.  she is a friend and wife.  she is an encouragement.  she is an example.  laura works so hard that sometimes I feel like this...

handmade cards, videos, pictures, detailed lessons (remember 12 a week), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), laundry, cleaning etc. would not be done without laura.  she never wants the spotlight, but today i wanted to 'brag' on her.  i am proud of her and the things that she is accomplishing, has accomplished, and will accomplish in the future.  her work is vital to the success of our group.  god is using her in ways that i think she never thought he would and it has been incredible to see her grow into the woman that she has become.  so, today is one day to pull the videographer out from behind the video camera, to pull the cook out of the kitchen, to yank the teacher out of her lessons, to tug the weaver from her loom, and to encourage and acknowledge her wonderful work.  laura, thank you for loving god first, others second, and yourself last.

love, hubs.


  1. Sniffle. It's so true. Laura was such an encouragement (and still is) while I was at avanti. She is so talented, and uses every single one of her talents for God. Love you friend! :) Em

    1. Oh my goodness, that so came from your heart. It is amazing to see that such love exists.

  2. you're right, i despise it. but i love you and i'm thankful for your encouragement!

  3. Lemmons, just let it happen. Ryan is so right! you are the hardest working, organized woman and completely selfless in everything. Thank you for being a great example to me. love you

  4. Ryan, what sweet not to your wife. We need to hear it every once in awhile. You two are such a sweet couple and i can't wait for you to be back in Memphis to get to know you better!