Sunday, March 20, 2011

kids class

i love it!

all the avanti people rotate each month to help teach the kid's class at church and it makes my week!

at first i was intimidated (stupid of me) because i thought i didn't know enough italian to keep their interest. i still don't know enough italian, but i have realized that they love class and i don't have to "get" their attention. they are split into a big and little kids class. the little kids sing and do crafts and the big kids have their little notebooks with all their lessons. they all come in and sit down and behave so well. the "big" kids take turns reading the verses that they are studying and they all pay such good attention to each other. they go around and answer their questions and then they draw the story and write on a timeline. it's just so cool to see them focus like that and spout out all their bible knowledge and help each other.
i can't help but think of matthew 18:1-4 every time!

p.s. tonight at 8 is our first meeting with high school and college students for our outreach to them. we are going to start meeting every sunday night and we are calling it "the gathering" (sorry if i copied that name without permission, i have heard it recently but i can't remember where). please be praying for this population in italy and all around the world. we are so excited to start and i will post details soon of our specific plans with them.

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