Saturday, March 12, 2011

cooking school usa number 2, check!

as i said earlier, i had to direct our second cooking school usa...remember i was nervous.
it was last night.
ryan and i arrived at the bible school at 2pm yesterday and i didn't sit down again until we got on the bus at midnight last night.
angela, ermenita, and andrea set up and decorated and helped me with cooking, preparing trays, printing menus, cleaning, organizing, collecting wouldn't have happened without them!
then ryan and peter were the dish washers which made ALL the difference! we were a great team and it was really really fun and funny!
oh, and i wasn't nervous after about the first minute of talking, i told you our students are so kind and patient and their smiling faces made me feel so comfortable.

ryan took a lot of pictures and video so i just decided to make it into a movie, but it won't load on here for some reason so check my facebook wall, hopefully i can get it to go there. hope you like it!

also, ermenita used the demonstration dough to make some more cookies and this happened. i think she scooped them just a little too big :)

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