Monday, November 1, 2010

happy halloween

after returning from aprilla for the youth retreat we went to the huf villa for their annual halloween bash.

we had planned on returning early enough to swing by the bible school and get costumed up (we were all going to be "office" characters), but we got stuck in traffic and arrived really late. luckily, they have a box of random costume pieces at the villa, so we found some hats and glasses, enough to get us by.

we ate chili, the students carved pumpkins, people bobbed for apples, "passogigante" played (an awesome local scandicci band)... it was a blast!

also in recent news, the huf villa caught on fire on thursday so all of the huf girls (17) have moved in with us at the bible school. that is the significance of the prize winning pumpkin pictured below :) hope everyone else had a happy halloween as well!

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